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Low emission zone

Oncomming low emission zones can be expected soon in Slovakia. Following the example of Western Europe and especially Germany, more stringent environmental standards can be expected in the near future in our cities. The result will be the implementation of so called low emission zones (LEZ). Their aim is to reduce the number of older cars in the center of our cities. Basically,  in the first place the city (village) will make a study, on the basis of which will indicates single areas of ​​the city with low emsission zone symbol. Vehicle owners will have so called emission plate on the windscreen. Emission zone, where the vehicle can enter, will be marked on this plate. When the plate does not meet the emission limits or have worse emission plate, the vehicle will not be able to enter this area of ​​the city (village).

Otherwise there will be a fine as a sanction. Such system is established in Germany and other western countries. Older diesel vehicles are worse at this point. These vehicles are often unfiltered and have high black carbon emissions or are fitted with diesel particulate filter which produces much more small particles.

 This system already works in Germany. In the Czech Republic, as for Prague the complete study has been already made for instance. Also other cities in the Czech Republic are working on such studies. Slovakia also leads a big discussion on this topic. Naturally, first should begin the realization in larger cities. Creating emission zones can also be expected in a spa town, in extraordinary protected landscape areas and also everywhere where there is a significant increase limit pollutants in the air.


Vehicle emissions control and fees in the UK

If you have purchased a vehicle registered in England, you have to pay the insurance and motor vehicle tax, based on emissions produced by the vehicle. The calculation of the fees are not based on data listed in the vehicle registration certificate (log book). As an constitutive indication for officials is final statement from the technical inspection. Officials after that, based on real-time status of emissions production, calculate the amount of fees that you have to pay as the vehicle owner. You could say, the worse condition your vehicle is and the more you neglect the maintenance of your vehicle, the higher amount you will pay. From this point of view, the owners of vehicles in England are motivated to keep their vehicles in the best condition.